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Spartan Sentinel


2016-2017 Spartan Sentinel Information and Schedule


Please refer to the chart below for deadline and publication information.  For your reference, the next submission deadline is will also be listed on the final page of the most current issue of The Spartan Sentinel. Please note that LHS publications students have only 5 class periods to create the paper.  If you submit items late, they will be held until the next edition of the paper.

 2016-17 Spartan Sentinel Schedule

Article Submission Deadline

Arrives in Mailboxes

1. Tues., 8/9

Thursday, Aug 18

2. Thurs., Sept. 22

Thursday, Oct 6

3. Thurs., Oct. 20

Thursday, Nov 3

4. Thurs., Nov. 24

Thursday, Dec 8

5. Thurs., Jan. 5

Thursday, Jan 19

6. Thurs., Jan. 26

Thursday, Feb 9

7. Thurs., Feb. 23

Thursday, Mar 9

8. Thurs., Mar. 30

Thursday, Apr 13

9. Thurs., Apr. 20

Thursday, May 4

10. Thurs., May 18

Friday, Jun 9


Submission Method:

Send all items to Danielle Olejniczak at the Publications Gmail account (publications@rbsd.k12.wi.us) as email attachments or Google drive. Items submitted after the deadline will be saved for the next issue.

Article & Caption Format

  • Type your article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Use Times New Roman Font, generally size 10, single-spaced.
  • Include a caption for each photo you submit. You can either create a separate document for your caption or include it at the end of your article.  The caption should include a brief description of the action in the photo and the first and last names (l-r) of all individuals pictured.  Without names, your photo cannot be published.


Download your photo from your digital camera to your computer.  Then save your picture as a .tif or a .jpeg file. (Please do not save photos within your Microsoft Word document.)  Save the photo with a file name that relates to your article.  Send it to as an email attachment or via Google Drive.  Your building’s media specialist is a great resource if you need help.


No Title Created Date Download
1 June 2016 Spartan Sentinel 07-29-2016
2 August 2016 Spartan Sentinel 08-17-2016
3 October 2016 Spartan Sentinel 10-03-2016
4 November 2016 Spartan Sentinel 11-28-2016
5 December 2016 Spartan Sentinel 12-05-2016
6 January 2017 Spartan Sentinel 01-16-2017
7 February 2017 Spartan Sentinel 02-12-2017
8 March 2017 Spartan Sentinel 04-13-2017
9 April 2017 Spartan Sentinel 04-13-2017
10 May 2017 Spartan Sentinel 05-01-2017


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