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A New School Year Begins – Spartan Style

By District Administrator Gary Hansen

Here we are again with the summer quickly disappearing on us.  Our football, volleyball, and cross country teams are already in action, and the start of school is only two and a half weeks away.  My, how summer tends to fly by! 

During the summer months, the Rosendale-Brandon School District completed yet another successful session of Summer School in which 552 students enjoyed various summer class options.  Among the many highlights during Summer School included a visit from Meteorologist Brian Zaninsky from NBC26, Traveling Care-A-Van students helped out at various community locations, and pirates roamed wild in the fabulous musical performed for the community under the direction of Tammy Vande Berg.

Our summertime Buildings and Grounds projects included Laconia High School’s long over-due replacement of a large section of roof, at a cost of $163,000; replacement of a 45 year old boiler, at a cost of $225,000, and a new sidewalk to connect the main sidewalk with the North Gymnasium doors, which was required by Civil Rights auditors last year.  At the Brandon School, the main office was remodeled, a severely pot-holed blacktop playground was removed, and new lights and ceiling tiles were installed in seven classrooms.  Rosendale Primary School’s parking lots were repaired and sealed.

Looking ahead, in the area of new educational initiatives for the coming 2014-2015 school year we will strive to better assess student learning.  This will involve the use of a program called MasteryConnect that will enable teachers to better ascertain our students’ levels of learning which in turn will assist the teacher to more individually serve students. 

The district is also implementing a new instructional model that promotes teachers modeling skills for students, collaborative learning among students, and individual student practice. This method of instruction is called the Gradual Release Model and is not a massive change, but an adjustment to our practice in order to help us further enhance student learning.

So, here we are – only two and a half weeks before we open our school doors, moving forward with new initiatives to improve the learning opportunities for students in the 2014-2015 school year.  It remains a great time to be a Spartan.  Come along with us!



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The Rosendale-Brandon School District, in accordance with state and federal law, does not discriminate because of the person’s sex, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, disability, military or veteran status, political affiliation, pregnancy, marital or parental status, physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or hardship, or other basis prohibited under state and federal law, in its educational and employment policies and practices.  All courses, including Career and Technical Education courses are available without discrimination.