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Time to Recognize

By Superintendent Wayne Weber

Each year, the Rosendale-Brandon School District sponsors a recognition dinner each year for employees who have earned their Master’s Degree or National Teacher Certification as well as those employees who have been with the district for three, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, forty-five, fifty, and fifty-five consecutive years and those retiring. This year over 100 people attended the event on March 31 to recognize the service of 30 employees and volunteers.

The following individuals were recognized this year:

  • Three Year Service Award
    • School Board Member: Ryan Basler
    • Support Staff: Joshua Barthuly, Mary Blumke, Cliff Egeland, Tina Hansen, Dawn Hobbs, Suzy Morgan, Warren Zeich
    • Teachers: Maggie Backhaus, Jim Blashe, Hannah Hokenson, Jenny Rademacher, Molly Radke, Kaytie Storms, Tom Teofilo
  • Ten Year Service Award
    • School Board Member: Ross Tarnow
    • Support Staff: Heidi Kopf, Nanette Tipton
  • Twenty Year Service Award
    • Administrative: Cindy Pierstorff, Jeff Thomas
    • Support Staff: Beth Vossekuil
    • Teachers: Jeanne Trew, Jaci Wigchers, Jenny Pilsl
  • Thirty Year Service Award
    • Support Staff: Jean Marchant, Kathy Schneider, Mary Ann Smit
  • Retiree
    • Teacher: Claire Broussard
  • Friend of Education Award
    • Terri Bartz

As I reflected on the evening, a quote from the great Vince Lombardi came to mind. He stated, "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work”...and a school district. The individuals recognized represent over 300 years of service and dedication to the children of the Rosendale-Brandon School District. This evening was dedicated to say thank you to these people for making our district and communities great places to be. A special thank you goes out to Claire Broussard, Laconia and Cirrus Library Media Specialist, who is retiring after 23 years of service to the District. If you see Ms. Broussard, or any of these people, please let them know you join me in saying THANK YOU!


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