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Return on Investment Continued...

By Superintendent Wayne Weber


In last month’s article, I wrote about looking at the return on investment taxpayers receive in this district and I stated that I would continue this look in future articles. I also asked for feedback regarding your experiences within the district regarding what you see as a return on investment.


Some of you have taken me up and shared recent district successes that have impressed you. I’ll share a few of them. As I type this article, our Laconia Dance Team is headed to state competition in La Crosse after qualifying this past weekend. Our high school girls and boys basketball teams are both 1st in conference, and the girls are ranked 3rd in the state and the boys are ranked 6th. Our high school wrestling team is ranked 2nd in conference and recently finished 1st in both the Waupun and Green Bay West tournaments. Rosendale third through fifth graders performed beautifully at their concert singing songs about growing up and the values, lessons, and morals we learn along the way. Our Rosendale fifth/sixth grade math team finished 2nd and the seventh/eighth grade team finished 3rd in their recent competition. A number of Rosendale and Brandon eighth grade families are excitedly preparing for the arrival of their German exchange students and then their subsequent trip to Germany in April.


While none of these items would be measured on our district report card, these successes and opportunities do contribute to the total picture of the district and how people feel about our schools and community. The district’s academic success is no secret. I hope our extracurricular successes are just as widely known.


Your investment helps the district provide these academic and extracurricular opportunities to our students. One way many taxpayers view their investment is to look at the district mill rate. The mill rate is determined by taking the Board adopted tax levy and dividing the total equalized value (fair market value of all properties in the district). The mill rate is the rate which one dollar per thousand dollars of equalized valuation will raise property taxes. For example, on mill on a $100,000 property would yield $100. Our district mill rate this year is $8.52. That’s $1.45 less than the state average of $9.97 and $1.40 less than the area average. I believe you are getting a great value for your dollar.




This information and more is available on our school website www.rbsd.k12.wi.us under the School Performance Dashboard link. We’ll continue to add comparative data to our website to help you get a view how our district is performing from a variety of views. As always, I welcome feedback on what you see as returns on your investment or questions you may have regarding your investment. Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 872-5317. I thank those of you who took time to share your views with me and look forward to hearing from more of you this month. 


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