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RBSD Explores Year-Round School

By District Administrator Gary Hansen


The Rosendale-Brandon School District has been an innovative district that constantly strives to find the best educational opportunities for students.  It is in this spirit that the Rosendale-Brandon School Board is currently exploring a concept known as a “year-round” school as an option for our 1st through 5th grade students this coming 2015-2016 school year.  Should the Board move forward with this concept, our “traditional” school calendar will not change.  Offering a “year-round” schedule simply provides another option for students and parents who choose to participate.

The term “year-round” is a bit misleading because the total number of attendance days for students remains the same as a “traditional” school year.  The difference between a “traditional” and a “year-round” schedule is that the “year-round” calendar offers a shorter break during summer with more frequent breaks throughout the year.  Why can this be advantageous?  Well, research shows that a “year-round” calendar helps to alleviate what is known as “the summer slide”, where students’ academic abilities tend to fall back a bit over the longer summer break found in a traditional school calendar. Other areas that are showing improvement as a result of having more frequent breaks offered in a “year-round” calendar include student attendance, student behavior, and even staff morale. 

We recently sent a letter/email to parents who will have students entering grades 1-5 next year.  What has been parent reaction to this concept?


As I write this article, we await more parent responses; however, the initial trend shows parents are supportive of the concept – which excites us for the possibility of providing more learning options to students.  We will certainly keep you informed as research continues and developments transpire.


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The Rosendale-Brandon School District, in accordance with state and federal law, does not discriminate because of the person’s sex, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, disability, military or veteran status, political affiliation, pregnancy, marital or parental status, physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or hardship, or other basis prohibited under state and federal law, in its educational and employment policies and practices.  All courses, including Career and Technical Education courses are available without discrimination.